The real reason you won’t work out (exercise)

Why is it that so many people will talk about wanting to lose weight or getting fitter but then fail to do anything about it? Why is it that so many people will jump into a fitness class if it's free, but the moment the trainer begins to charge, all the excuses in the world... Continue Reading →

Obedience (perfect) not perfection

I was reading through some of the posts underneath the Believers on Track hashtag #ForAnEternalPrize (on Instagram), when I came across an old post that I had written which said this: This post had been reposted on another page and one of the comments on that page said this:   I remember seeing that comment... Continue Reading →

Social media: when you don’t fit the mould

I never did fit into the “young women in ministry” or “Christian influencer” social media mould. I’m ok with this now; however, I remember back in 2012-2015, this used to really bother me. I desperately wanted to be acknowledged as a women’s minister/preacher (by the wider Body of Christ); however, all Abba ever led me... Continue Reading →

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