About Me

Hi, my name is Torema Thompson and the Lord told me that my name means “to remain” (John 15:16). As I look over my life, I can truly see that my name is prophetic and that Abba (Father God) has indeed anointed me to remain, to stand, to endure, to prevail in Him.

Torema Thompson (December 2019)

My story really begins when I was baptised in water on the 20th November 2006 at 16 years old. Just 2 years into my walk (in 2008), the Lord began to test my faith by leading me to leave my childhood church, followed by a call to leave university also. It took me 5 months to obey in full, but the Lord in His mercy still chose to use it as the beginning of my call to the ministry. Beginning with a 6-week character-based self-esteem programme for teenage girls (Girl Esteem), thus began my walk of faith and passion to see others walk in purity and purpose. However, little did I know that the Lord needed to take me through an intense process in order to shape me into the woman He needed me to be for His call.

I was married at the tender age of 20 in April 2010, and earlier that year we had also left the local assembly we were attending at the time. Following this, came a dark period of deception for me in 2011; the result of the fear of man. But the Lord restored me powerfully and filled me with a new fire for absolute obedience, truth, discernment and appreciation of a spiritual family.

In 2013, following a restoration season, the Lord began to steer me in a completely new direction and thus my ministry‘s first mission trip took place to the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh… Marked by God as a chosen vessel and by the enemy as a threat to his systems; landing back on British soil saw the enemy attack with force and the Lord began taking me through His priesthood process.

Having medalled for Great Britain as a junior and under 23 athlete, the Lord told me to lay it all down as a senior (which I did in August 2013). For where He was taking me, He alone could be my first love and He alone could be my sole identity.

Next, it was my marriage. After confirming the call on both of our lives, God began revealing painful truths (in October 2013) and thus began a long period of betrayal and abandonment for me. But the Lord knew, and in His wisdom, He had already planned to use it as a tool to birth His character in me (and had already promised restoration).

In 2015, He led me to set up my own company, and also began to reveal to me (and have me scribe) the apostolic blueprint that I would give to His leaders – The Process of Sonship. At Abba’s command, I also left the primary school I was working in full time (in the summer of 2015) and qualified as a personal trainer; I thought I would thrive immediately as an entrepreneur, but Abba’s will was to refine me through 3 years of freelancing for others, instructing many children across North & East London. Simultaneously, in October 2015, the Lord also sent me back to athletics and Believers on Track was birthed in January 2016. Again, I thought I would see the promised athletics career and fruit of this ministry immediately, but little did I know that even after 4 humbling outdoor seasons, I would still be required to wait on the Lord.

I was publicly ordained as a minister in April 2016 and have been in full-time entrepreneurship since January 2019. Today, I am still waiting to see the promises of God manifested in my marriage, athletics and ministry, but the Lord is raising me up to teach PURITY (#ObedienceOverAppearance) to fivefold ministers, athletes and children.